A newly installed paver patio or driveway is a great looking feature to add to any home or business setting. Pavers provide nearly endless options for shapes and colors that you can use to create a unique outdoor space. Whether you have used pavers to create a beautiful new patio in your backyard or a large courtyard outside of your office building, you want them to remain looking as great as they did on the day they were installed.

However, that is a task that is easier said than done. Since pavers are porous and can allow moisture to make its way inside, they are susceptible to things like mold and mildew over time. This is especially true in warm and damp environments. What was once a beautiful patio that looked inviting to all who walked by will quickly become an eyesore without proper care. Using Splash Proof is a great way to ensure that your paver installation remains useful and attractive for many years to come.

So what is Splash Proof, anyway? It is a single component impregnation product that will create a super-hydrophobic surface on your pavers. What that means is that water won’t be able to make its way inside, and mold and mildew won’t be able to flourish. Reducing the growth of mold and mildew will allow your pavers to look great for many years to come. So you can rest easy after it is applied knowing that your pavers have been well protected.

In the absence of a product like Splash Proof you will have to do ongoing maintenance to the pavers in order to keep them looking bright and clean. Usually, this means power washing the patio or driveway on a regular basis. Not only is this a challenging chore that most people would rather avoid, it can also be damaging to your patio. Most pavers are installed with a fine grain sand between the blocks to lock them into place. Repeated power washing over the years can erode away this sand and cause your pavers to shift and settle. The pavers themselves won’t look as nice as when they were new, and neither will the patio installation.

After a thorough cleaning, Splash Proof can be applied to your pavers to ensure that mold and mildew are something you no longer need to worry about. Ongoing maintenance of a paver patio can be frustrating and costly, so the investment in Splash Proof is one that will continue to pay for itself over the years to come. After taking the time to install such a great looking paver patio or driveway, it only makes sense to do everything you can to protect it. Contact us today to learn more about this great product and what it can do for your pavers. You are sure to be amazed at what a big difference can be made by a product like Splash Proof that is affordable and easy to apply. Don’t wait any longer to protect your pavers!