Residential Services

Splash Proof America offers a variety of residential sealant products and solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs. We work one-on-one with the homeowner to determine the right sealant for their concrete, tile, or pavers. We also offer installation and maintenance services in Tampa to ensure your Splash Proof sealant will stand the test of time. Below are the primary services we offer to homeowners:

Tile Roof Sealants

Tile roofing is one of the most elegant and long-lasting roofing materials for residential buildings. It is decorative and practical, making it an ideal choice. However, tile is much more difficult to maintain than simple shingles. It is more porous and therefore will soak up water quickly during a storm or during months of high humidity that Florida experiences in the summer. For Tampa, homeowners, this can be a real problem. 

Splash Proof’s hydrophobic solution is your best bet for getting rid of mold and mildew. After your next pressure washing surface, have it applied to the surface of your tile roofing. This will prevent any standing moisture from seeping in and causing bacteria and mold to grow. Splash Proof sealants are most effective after a pressure wash or on new tile roofing. However, we can help you plan the application of your SP-21 to ensure maximum efficacy.

Concrete Sealants

Concrete is an integral part of any outdoor patio or poolside setting. It is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing for a variety of styles but is also highly prone to water damage. When water seeps into the porous surface, mold and mildew have the perfect home to grow. This is the Florida homeowner’s nightmare but can be quickly remedied with a concrete sealant from Splash Proof. 

The best way to avoid mold and mildew from damaging your concrete is to never let water penetrate it. At Splash Proof, we’ve formulated the SP-21 product to treat concrete with a hydrophobic layer of protection. The SP-21 works on all concrete surfaces, including pool decks, driveways, pavers, and more. We believe so strongly in this product that we offer a five-year warranty for every customer. It’s guaranteed to work for your concrete!

Stone Sealants

Stone is typically one of the most expensive outdoor flooring options for Tampa residential construction. It’s unmatched beauty and longevity make it a true luxury for the homeowner, but that luxury comes with a cost. Stone flooring, both indoor and outdoor, needs to be properly sealed if it is not polished to prevent water and environmental damages from ruining the surface. 

Splash Proof’s SP-21 is ideal for all types of stone surfaces, from sandstone to travertine and everything in between. We understand how important it is to protect your stone tiles in Florida, and have worked hard on this formula to ensure it will last. That is why we offer a five-year warranty on all Splash Proof sealant products. We are confident this product will help you reduce maintenance and mold growth on all of your stone surfaces.

Paver Sealants

Pavers for driveways, patios, and courtyards add elegance and prestige to any Tampa  residential or commercial setting. They can serve a practical purpose or as an accent to your outdoor design. However, these features in your yard are not so beautiful when they are covered in mold and mildew. Like tile and concrete, it is important to prevent water damage to your pavers rather than trying to fix it when it happens.

Splash Proof has created a custom formula that works perfectly for all paver types and styles. The SP-21 creates a hydrophobic layer that prevents all types of water damage and can be easily applied to any paver surface. It is suitable for small decorative pavers and large-scale applications such as for courtyards and long driveways.

Pressure Washing

Most homeowners use a good pressure wash to remove mold, mildew, and dirt on outdoor surfaces. This is a quick and affordable way to keep your outdoor area clean and mold-free, but it can cause damage over time. That is why we offer specially formulated waterproof sealants for all types of outdoor sealants. These sealants will protect your surfaces from the moisture that Florida homes are prone to experiencing. 

These products help to reduce the need for pressure washing, but not get rid of it altogether. Splash Proof offers residential and commercial pressure washing services for sidewalks, driveways, parking garages, commercial buildings, and so much more. We also offer pressure washing services before a Splash Proof sealant application, so you can start fresh with your concrete, tile, or stone surface. 

To learn more about these services and our sealant products, contact your Splash Proof team today!